Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guests Welcome for Radio Interview at MODEX 2014

Guests Welcome to Attend Live Manufacturing Revival Radio at MODEX 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at the Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center, Pcdata USA is having Manufacturing Revival Radio hosts Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood interview CEOs, CFOs, Operations Managers, and Quality Assurance Managers about their experiences  and concerns in picking fast-moving consumer goods products.  The interviews will take place at the Pcdata USA MODEX Booth # 4834.  The interviews will be recorded live during the event and a copy given to each guest.

Manufacturing Revival Radio is a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing & distribution. The hosts will interview thought leaders and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with manufacturing and distribution in the 21st Century — both in the U.S. and around the globe. Manufacturing.net is a syndication partner of Manufacturing Revival Radio.  Pcdata USA is proud to invite select industry experts to discuss these topics and critical issues.

Too often too many companies spend far too much money on complicated picking solutions when a simple, easy-to-install solution will do the job.  These interviews will cover a cross-section of market sectors relevant to the manufacturing and distribution marketplace.

Only when the industry can learn from each other are advances made in lean manufacturing and best-practice solutions. What WCS (warehouse control systems) WMS (warehouse management systems), and other expensive integration solutions require is IT involvement.  These interviews will profile what has and has not worked.  When is less more?  When are plug and play solutions the better choice in material handling?

Efficient warehouse processes and support by means of state-of-the-art providing transparent, up-to-the-minute, and consistent flow of information – the result is a warehouse that is flexible and economically managed. Storage space saved and the management of “best-used-before” dates and residual terms plays an important role as well.

The guests for these important radio interviews will have designated interview times during MODEX and will share picking system topics ranging from preconfigured warehouse processes, to repacking of pallets, management of reserved spaces within a picking warehouse and maintenance of various fixed bins per article or “pick and pack” processes. 

With every manufacturing and warehouse operation working to increase productivity, improve picking accuracy, and keep labor costs down, pick to light is a light-directed picking technology provides an accurate and efficient method of paperless picking, putting or sorting and assembling products.

At MODEX there will be several conversations about how pick to light can be used on a stand-alone basis as an order fulfillment software solution versus integrated directly into the warehouse management system.  Since pick to light is an easy process to learn—training a picking operator can take just 30 a minutes—which means a rapid ROI.  The idea of pick to light installation versus complicated implementations will also be discussed during the interviews at MODEX.

The Manufacturing Revival Radio hosts will inquire about the scope of supply chain automation, from production automation, paperless order picking, to goods dispatch and tracking and tracing.  These interviews are to share the most efficient ways to get orders out accurately and quickly.
Interview Deadline:  February 28, 2014

Contact: MRRModexInterview@pcdatainc.com to schedule your MODEX 2014 interview.

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